Studio Policy


This policy has been established to assure consistency, continuity of study, and smooth business operation.

Although music study should be entertaining and enjoyable, please bear in mind that there is a serious aspect to it.

Any stipulation or content in this policy is subject to change at anytime. Modifications to the policy shall be considered a binding part of this studio policy and become effective upon receipt or the announced effective date. This policy shall remain in effect for the term of study of the student or until superseded in whole or in part by a new policy or announced changes to this policy.

CLASS EXPECTATIONS - For both Fixed & Flexible Systems

  • Please have your nails trimmed, books ready and assignments finished prior to the lesson.

  • All students are required to maintain a notebook/journal and bring it to class each time along with their regular books.

  • Punctuality - If a student arrives late, I will only be able to teach him/her for the remaining portion of their lesson

  • Prior to the lessons, the students are expected to have completed an adequate and consistent amount of practice.

  • The student is allowed to reach 10-15 mins before each lesson and practice in the studio.

  • If the student is consistently not practicing even after repeated reminders, his/her enrollment will be permanently terminated.

  • To parents of younger students: Please pick up your children immediately after lessons. No childcare is provided. If you and/or family members choose to be in the studio, please sit quietly in the other room. NO PARENTS/RELATIVES/FRIENDS WILL BE ALLOWED TO SIT IN THE CLASSROOM.

  • Appearing for exams held by Trinity College of Music, UK is completely OPTIONAL. The student along with the instructor’s approval has the right to decide if he/she wants to take the exam or not. If the student is not practicing enough and is not prepared, the instructor can stop him/her from appearing for the exam at any time.



  • If you wish to cancel and reschedule a lesson, you must EMAIL the instructor at least 24 hours before the lesson along with a valid reason or you will still be financially responsible for that time slot. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR TEXT regarding the same until it is an emergency.

  • Every student is allowed to cancel and reschedule maximum of 2 lessons in every Calendar Quarter. Eg. for this quarter Jan - March 2016, each student can cancel and reschedule maximum 2 lessons only. 

  • During regular school examinations/board examinations, students will not be allowed to take the entire month off from piano lessons. They can still reschedule only a maximum of 2 lessons in that quarter. 

  • Please note that individual piano slots may not always be available for a make-up lesson. A make-up lesson can also be a full theory class or group class. I will be conducting Group Make-up classes once or twice a month. No individual make-up lessons will be scheduled for Friday, Sunday or any other holiday.  Only students who had given 24 hour cancellation notice, will be eligible for make-up lessons. 

  • Make-up lessons will not be carry forwarded to the next quarter.

  • If you wish to change your piano lesson day or time for whatever reason, the student will have to give a month’s notice. Example, if you wish to change your class time from April, you will need to inform the studio before 1st March. During this time period the instructor will try and find an alternate time for the student. If it is not available, the student’s enrollment will be temporarily discontinued. Whenever the suitable time-slot is available, the student will be enrolled again and will need to pay rejoining charges also. ​​​​​​​​​​
  • If a student decides to take a break from piano due to school exams, travel or any other reason, his/her enrollment will be temporarily terminated. Which would mean losing the existing time slot and rejoining charges will also apply. 


CANCELLATION - For Flexible System

  • If you wish to cancel a lesson please inform the instructor 2 hours prior to the lesson. Failure to do so will result in the student being financially liable for that time slot.

  • ​The student has to attend a minimum of 2 lessons every month else his/her enrolment will be terminated and rejoining charges will be charged.


TUITION AND OTHER FEES - for Fixed & Flexible Systems

  • Please choose the payment plan that works best for you.

  • Tuition is to be paid in full prior to the lesson. Family / Volume discounts are not available.

  • All fees is NON - REFUNDABLE.

  • Fees can be paid either by cash, cheque, via credit card or an online transfer (NEFT). If you wish to transfer the payment online, please email to find out the bank details. All cheques have to be made in the name of “UNNATI DIDWANIA”.

  • All students are expected to use original books. No photocopied books will be allowed. Students have to pay for any books/handouts provided to them in class.

  • Examination fee is separate and has to be paid as and when due. Any visits to the examination center before a practical exam, to practice on the exam piano will be considered as a regular class.

  • Concerts, workshops and parties organized by the studio will be charged separately.


  • All payments will be collected in advance. Failure to do so, per class charges will apply.

  • Occasionally the instructor will be away for vacation, appointments tending to personal or family business, or attending various functions, events & career development opportunities. The student will NOT be charged for the same. The amount will be carry forwarded to the next class.

  • The student will NOT be charged for any holidays when the studio is shut. However, extra lessons on a holiday may be possible depending on the instructor’s availability.
  • If you wish to discontinue lessons, please give a month’s notice.

PAYMENT POLICIES for Flexible System

  • Payment for 4 classes has to be done in advance else per class charges will be applicable.


The studio is not responsible for any damage, loss, injury, or resulting illness in the studio. Please notify the studio of your pertinent medical history (allergies, etc.), if any. The studio/instructor assumes no legal responsibility for unsatisfactory results (in evaluations, competitions, etc.) should you perceive his/her instruction to be inadequate for some reason.


The instructor reserves the right to discontinue a student’s enrollment either temporarily or permanently due to lack of effort, frequent absence, delinquent payment, or any other reason. For administrative purposes, should you wish to either permanently or temporarily discontinue enrollment, please notify me at least a month in advance.